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by Alex Carlsbad
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Mistress of Rome (The Emperor's Obsession, #3) by Alex Carlsbad
Alex Carlsbad
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Myra, the uncomplicated farm girl, came to the Eternal City to be the Emperor's companion and concubine but the heat of their encounters kindled a passion deeper than simple love.

She discovers that falling for the most powerful person in Rome carries risks beyond anything she had previously encountered. Myra finds herself fighting not only for her own life but also for that of her Emperor as powerful enemies are bent on destroying him and the woman he loves.

First they tried to poison them, then they betrayed them; finally they sent the pirates to imprison them.

Mistress of Rome can be read as a standalone.
It is part three of a series (The Emperor’s Obsession) of erotic discovery and forbidden desire that explores the life and times of the original Christian Grey -- Emperor Commodus of Rome. The previous books (Taken by Rome and Slave of Rome) do provide further context, as well as more than a couple of steamy scenes involving our lovely Myra and her emperor, of course.

Your reviews are greatly appreciated! They not only inform the author but also inspire her to keep writing for your enjoyment.
Mistress of Rome is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

——————————An excerpt from “Mistress of Rome"———————————————
"Master, I have to..." His mouth captured hers with a soft, strong heat and Myra felt herself surrender to his kiss. She never had a chance to protest, the slow, long, confident, devastating motion of his tongue robbed her mind of the ability to think. He tasted of wine and promise, of savage strength, but also of tenderness like she had never thought possible in a man of such power. She felt him angle his head and heard herself make a small sound in the back of her throat. It surprised her, she had never made a cry like that before. It sounded like a plea. Her hands found his ribs and brushed along his corded muscles, mesmerized by their angles and hardness.
She couldn't stop herself. She let her body go. Her arms slid around his back and she found herself holding him as much as he was holding her. He turned and now he was on top, sliding his fingertips over her hair, her temples, her neck. And then lower...
Myra closed her eyes as he kissed the bared hollow of her throat, inhaling deeply the lavender and jasmine lingering there from her morning bath.
He felt his breath catch in his throat. Had any chief, any emperor ever possessed such a treasure? The sweet innocence of her voice, the heat of her fires that blazed under her skin which pale as snow was more intoxicating than wine, more invigorating than cold mountain air.
He lifted himself up on his elbows and gazed upon this treasure of treasures that lay in such exquisite bliss by him. His Myra. She was not beautiful — she was glorious. Her breasts lolled before him, full and taught, dusk aureolas moving into hardness before his own eyes. He could see the shimmer of her sweat break across her sultry skin.
He longed to have her, to taste her, to lose himself as he suckled on those proud peaks, to hear her gasps and cries of pleasure.
In his mind's eye he saw the areola glistening with the fiery reflection of the warm fire in the hearth. The curve of her smile told him she found pleasure in his gaze. He felt his manhood rigid and painful as it brushed her soft thigh.
He placed his fingertip on her chin and slowly traced it down her center across her throat, her chest, crossed her navel and stopped at the spot where her lips met.
Her response was to whinny like a filly in the spring. He answered with a low growl as he let his hands roam and explore her tenderness. He kissed her ear and gently nibbled on her lobe before he slid down, almost too fast, hungry, insatiable, until his mouth found…
-----------End of Excerpt----------

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